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“RecycleGO is more than just a technology company with a cutting-edge recycling solution. It’s a pioneer in creating the ideologies, technologies and operational capabilities that will bring about a better sustainable approach to the economy.”

Jan Gerards

Chief Technology and Strategy Officer

On Demand Pickups

Need to fulfill a client’s rush pick up? Impress them with RecycleGO’s Mission Control and Chariot, which allows for instant changes while your driver is en route.

Proprietary Mobile App

We’re developing the most advanced app in the industry for business owners. Our Sidekick app is designed to give you on-demand pickup convenience, real time access to materials tracking and recycling data, and 24/7 customer support.

Tech & Data-Driven Service

We offer reports and analytics to help our clients become more efficient in generating more revenue and lowering operational costs. Our data analysis and reporting can help you improve the quantity and quality of materials you collect, easily comply with new regulations, to improve sustainability programs for your clients. Once we develop our consumer app (coming soon), you will have the ability to upsell yourself as a sustainablity carting leader.

Carter Performance Management System

Our Carter Performance Management System consists of two applications: Mission Control for dispatch and Chariot for the driver. This dual-system works in unison to keep you updated and reduce reaction time during critical issues.

Mission Control

An electronic database for all of your Customer information, work orders, billing and assets. After the order is completed, your company can instantly generate sales orders and export invoices to clients. Our map feature tracks your vehicles and on-shift drivers, as well as onsite and inventoried containers.

Blockchain Backed chain of custody tracking

RecycleGO’s Blockchain-backed chain of custody system is the technological heart of the RecycleGO platform. This system is a next generation recycling supply chain and logistics system that will create a secure, globally-scalable chain of custody system. Corporations will be able to verifiably prove sustainable impact by tracking recyclable material throughout the recycling supply chain.

Chariot App

The Chariot navigation app can be downloaded onto any mobile device for your drivers. After Mission Control creates a route, this app optimizes it and allows the driver to report issues and communicate directly with Dispatch. When the driver marks the route complete, the work order in Mission Control is automatically updated, saving your time and energy.


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