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RecycleGO offers simple, yet comprehensive, technology for all your hauling and logistic needs. Adaptable, our proprietary algorithm can conform to different platforms. Scalable and license based, our base technology to a great fit for small and large businesses alike.

Used and trusted by leaders in the recycling community

Supporting teams in the field with real-time chariot tracking.

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RecycleGO's All In One Logistics Solution

Features to support your team in the office and the field. Ready to get started?

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Route Optimization

Optimize routes for efficiency, save time, fuel, and costs effortlessly.

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Chariot Navigation

Navigate efficiently with real-time maps, routes, and traffic updates.

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Map Dashboard

Real-time maps and data visualization in one seamless dashboard.

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Invoicing System

Streamline billing with in-app invoicing, easy, fast, and accurate.

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Billing Reports

Generate detailed reports quickly for accurate financial tracking.

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Custome Care

Available by phone and email to support your organization.

The Chariot App

RecycleGO sidekick app for the Logistics Platform. Learn more

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RecycleGO Chariot App screens showcasing logistics in real time.
5 star rating

We know where our entire fleet is at any given time, and we are able to optimize the routes for our riders as they go to different houses in Lagos. It gives us that competitive edge to be able to grow and scale at the right pace.

Olawale Adebiyi
CEO Wecyclers
5 star rating

We love the system. If I make last minute changes to a work order, Mission Control updates our drivers’ routes in real-time, even when they’re on the road. Chariot’s GPS and traffic-enabled navigation has made it much easier for our drivers to navigate their route. We couldn’t have asked for a better program.

Nino Galluzzo
Operations, Galluzzo Brothers
5 star rating

This collaboration with RecycleGO embodies our shared values of creativity, technological innovation, and most importantly, the environment.

Tony Luciani
Co-Founder WAVVE

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